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Diversity Leadership Development 
Community (DLDC)

What is D.L.D.C.? 

A new DEI&B community that leverages connections and support for leaders across all industries. 

This community will be an exclusive group of leaders that come together regularly to address the latest challenges, trends, and insights to become a more intentional leader. 




Members will have an opportunity to engage monthly in activities that may include: 

  • Roundtable discussion

  • Blogs and Articles

  • Networking events

  • Coaching

  • Panel discussions

  • Conferences

  • Workshops 

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Join the DLDC Community
Industry Classification

Membership fee is 750.00 annually.


Thanks for joining! You will receive an email confirmation after your application is processed.


This community allows you to network with professionals in your field, learn from each other's experiences, gain knowledge to help you approach DEI&B challenges, and gain confidence to support a strategic approach for workplace engagement.  


The last Wednesday of each Month.   

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